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How Does It Work?

Cosmetic Tattooing is a form of semi permanent natural enhancement to your current features giving you the confidence you desire.

Lips Tattooing
Lip Tattooing is carried out with a digital cosmetic machine that implants a safe pigment into the skin tissue which can create an illusion of fuller lips, it can help redefine your cupids bow and it can give your lips a new lease of life and colour.

Brow Tattooing
There are different methods that we can use to create a natural brow through permanent cosmetics enhancing your natural features. One of the most popular methods being microblading.

Microblading is a handheld tool that etches pigment into the top layers of the skin to create fine like for like hairstrokes that follow your natural brow pattern.

Powder brow is created with a digital cosmetic machine. The machine can create either like for like hairstrokes simialr to a microblade and it can also create a soft fuller brow.

Whichever the brow method we match the clients natural brow shape and hair growth. Creating a picture perfect but natural looking brow.

Eyeliner Tattooing / Lash Enhance Tattooing –
Created with the costmetic tattoo machine, lash enhance is a treatement that implants pigment throughout the lash line helping your lashes look darker, fuller and thicker. Eyeliner is an extended version of lash enhance where we add more of a made up eyeliner effect with a small wing at the end of your eyelid.

What Is It?
Cosmetic tattooing is a technique where by pigment is implated under the skin in areas where one would be applying makeup on a daily basis. Creating a beauty sheer pigment known as a lip blush, ombre lip tattoo, eyeliner, powder brow. Sterile equipment, pigments and tools are used within the studios hygenic environment. Microblading also know as ‘Brow Feathering’ is performed using a vey fine blade and pigment to recreate the look of the clients natural brow hairs.
How Long Does It Last?

Cosmetic tattooing is known to be a semi permanent tattoo. The longevity can last from a few months to a few years. Factors such as aftercare and healing plan, lifestyle, skin type, skin care products used on skin, sun exposure, have an impact to how long the tattoo stays in the skin.

Does It Hurt?
Clients must obtain their own numbing gel and cream due to Australian law. We’ve found that each client is different with their pain tolerance. Most clients feel completely relaxed and even sleep throughout the procedure. Others may feel a slight discomfort similar sensation to the brows being tweezed.


It can be very normal to feel nervous and you are in safe hands with myself and i promise to keep you comfortable throughout your entire treatement with my gentle and relaxed approach to each individuals experience.

I've Heard I Need 2 Treatments is this True?
Typically most cosmetic tattooing procedures require a two sessions either 4-6 weeks apart for eyeliner and brows. Or 6-8 weeks apart for lips. Some clients may need more sessions. Some clients may be quite happy with the difference a single session makes.
What Should I Avoid Beforehand?
Before the appointment we recommend avoiding caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours
After the procedure appointment is the most important part of the tattooing, aftercare can amke of break the result
Clients will be given aftercare and a healing plan to follow after their appointment.

Some of our tips on some things to avoid whilst in the healing phase

  • Keep the area as clean as possible.
  • Touching the treated area with unwashed hands
  • Saunas, steam rooms, swimming, bikram yoga
  • Direct sun and UV light
  • Strenous exercise
  • Applying makeup on or near the treated area
  • Picking, rubbing and scratching the healing tattoo
  • Using anything abrasive on the treated area
  • Active skincare – any ingredient that lightens, brighten and tightens the skin
Do You Colour Match?

The colour of the pigment is suited closest to the colour of your natural hair for brow tattooing. Juanita will also carefully take into account the undertones, and overtones of your natural skin. For lip tattooing Juanita has a large variety of many beautiful lip pigments from light nudes to vibrant colours to choose from and blend.

Do You Measure My Brows?

In your appointment the brows are carefully mapped out to suit your natural features. face shape, brow bone structure, brow muscles.

What Is Lash Enhancement Tattoo?

Lash enhancement tattoo is a tattoo implated in the lashline between the lashes. It will define the eyes an make the lashline appear thicker. We recommend this treatement to all clients before a liner tattoo or together with a eyeliner tattoo -which sits above the lash line

What Are The Different Lash Enhancment Tattoos?
Each treatment is just as beautiful
Lash Enhancement – Pigment is tattooed in the lash line between the lashes
Classic Liner – Tattoo sits above the lashline on top of the natural lashes
Baby Wing –


Our client when having a Classic or a Baby Wing, add on a Lash Enhancement to make the lash line appear thicker. Particularly for fairhaired clients with white, light hair or sparse lashes.
How Can I Prep?
We advise all Lash Extensions and lash adhasive is are removed at least several days to a week before the appointment.
Cease using Lash Growth Serums or Lash Conditioners at least 2 months before the treatment. The comfort of the treatment/reduced pain, brusing, swelling and implantation of pigment and outcome of treatment will be complemented when ceasing lash serums in our recommended time frame.
hline on top of the natural lashes
Baby Wing –
Our client when having a Classic or a Baby Wing, add on a Lash Enhancement to make the lash line appear thicker. Particularly for fairhaired clients with white, light hair or sparse lashes.
Can I Choose A Nude Colour For My Lips?
Beautiful nudes and pale pigment colours are available to choose from in the lip pigment ranges. Bright Pinks reds and berries pigment colours are avilable. Pigments can be mixed together to create a custom colour to suit your skin tone. Juanita recommends bringing in your favourite colour lipsticks and lip glosses as a guide. Your natural skin undertones and overtones will be taken into consideration for the pigment selection
Are Cold Sores an Issue for Lip Tattoos?
Having a lip blush or lip tattooing procedure can stimulate the coldsore the appear. If you have ever had a coldsore, even just once, a cold sore may arise due to stimulation the lip tissue during the procedure. We recommend taking lysine supplement and over the counter Coldsore relief tablets 2 days before, on the day, and after the procedure. Talk with your GP regarding coldsore relief tablets.
How Can I Pay?
Eftpos, credit card and cash are accepted. There are a small service fee assosciated with credit card and EFTPOS.
Are Booking Fees Refundable?
Booking fees are deducted off total the total amount of service. Booking Fees are non refundable, a cancellation policy of 7 days before the procedure.
Is There A Minimum Age?
Yes, you must be over the age of 18 for a cosmetic tattoo procedure.
How Does It Work?

Skin Needling is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that works within the deep layers of your skin. Thousands of microneedles gently penetrate your skin every second to trigger your body’s wound healing response. When this response is triggered our collagen and elastin production is accelerated which is the key to brighter, smoother and rejuvenated complexions.


Skin Needling treatments are comfortable and have minimal downtime. Whilst the face is the most common treatment area, we are able to perform results-driven treatments on the neck, décolleté, hands and body.

What Is It?
Skin Needling is renowned for treating a wide range of skin concerns including the appearance of acne scarring, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, texture irregularities and pigmentation.
Am I Suitable?

Skin Needling is suitable for most skin types and conditions, but our pre-treatment skin consultation will ensure you are suitable for this treatment.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
We recommend a course of at least 6 Skin Needling treatments to achieve exceptional results. Whilst you will see improvements from your very first treatment, we want to ensure your confidence soars with the long-term benefits of a Skin Needling.
Are There Packages Available?
Absolutely! Check out our service menu for Skin Needling package information. We recommend a course of 6 treatments for exceptional results. To enhance your skin rejuvenation experience, we suggest adding LED light therapy to your treatment plan.
How Does It Work?

Developed by NASA (yes, NASA!), LED light therapy works at a cellular level to stimulate your skin’s healing and restorative mechanisms. Each LED wavelength is scientifically proven to trigger a different skin correcting response swiftly and effectively.

What Can It Treat?

Using our advanced Bio-Synthesis LED technology, we’re able to harness 4 LED wavelengths to customise your skin rejuvenation treatment. These are:

Red Light LED for age management, circulation and collagen and elastin production

Blue Light LED for skin clearing, calming inflamed skin and destroying acne-causing bacteria

Green Light LED for skin tone correction and addressing the appearance of pigmentation

Yellow Light LED for overall skin rejuvenation, hydration and skin healing

Am I Suitable?

Clients taking photosensitising medication are not recommended for LED Light Therapy Treatments. During your skin consultation, we’ll discuss your suitability to LED and match you with an appropriate treatment plan.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
This is dependent on your skin goals. It’s one of our favourites because you can enjoy the benefits of fast and effective LED twice a week! We recommend a course 6-8 LED treatments or upgrading your monthly skin treatments to include LED.
Are There Packages Available?
Absolutely! Our LED treatments are available as a standalone skin treatment or as an upgrade to your existing skin treatment. Check out our service menu for our LED prices and packages.