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Volume Set

1 Hour 30 Minutes @ A$250.00

Your answer thick, bold and fuller-looking lashes. Applied for award-winning lash master Juanita, your full set of volumising lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes to create a bold, head-turning look.

Brow Shape & Tint

30 Minutes @ A$60.00

Shaping your brows to suit your unique face frame, we’ll pair your new brows with a natural-looking tint for a bolder, shaper look. 


1 Hours 15 Minutes @ A$235.00

Using a mix of classic and volume lashes, Juanita’s Hybrid Lashes create a bolder, natural-looking lash line.

Gently cleaning lashes on a daily basis is imperative to the health and maintenance of your lash extensions. Ask for our lash care pack. Juanita recommends dermaviduals Cleansing Gel used with microfiber tips. Cleansing Gel may also be used as a daily skin cleanser avail 30ml and 150ml.


1 Hour 15 Minutes @ A$189.00

Enhance your natural lashes with Juanita’s classic lash extensions. Designed to reveal natural-looking lashes that frame and enhance your unique eye shape, classic lashes are perfect for giving your eyes that extra oomph.


40 Minutes- 1 Hour @ A$85.00 – A$115.00

To keep your lashes in beautiful condition, Juanita recommends extension refills every 2-3 weeks. An award-winning lash expert, Juanita will discuss lash homecare maintenance to keep your lashes looking incredible.